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Arcade City is an ongoing City of Mist tabletop game where denizens are granted the ability of various video game characters.
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"The year is 1923. The Great War has come to an end, and Arcade City has recovered, but its stability is threatened. This city is a hub of commerce beset by trouble that the law cannot address. Steve Rotchford has asked for assistance from the people of the city, and for whatever reason, you've decided to tag along. What awaits you in C.O.I.N.?"


C.O.I.N. as we know it no longer exists. After a violent encounter that nearly destroyed Arcade City wholesale, Captain Rotchford has been fired, and our heroes find themselves tiptoeing the lines of the law. As Sergeant Thatch's task force takes shape to replace C.O.I.N. with a healthy dose of funding from Rainfall Cosmetics, eerie clouds hang above the high buildings...


  • 04/27/23: Added front page. Added character templates. Edited for cohesiveness.